Friday, December 12, 2014

Yuletide Nesting......................

It's that magical time of year when I unbox all the trinkets and treasures that warm my soul. Olde World Santas, glass Kugels, feather trees, bottle brush trees, etc. The season is here and I have been busy with nesting, decorating, and projects with the kiddos. I must admit I don't spend much time in the studio this time of year - but new ideas are constantly bubbling in my mind.
Winter is my time to nest!
Speaking of nests - I had the great pleasure of visiting the amazing studio of the very talented Louise Grenell of Grenell Studios. She warmly opened her doors for the Annual Toe River Studio Tour here in the mountains of NC and wow!!! What an amazing and gorgeous space. She and her husband are wonderful folks and we really had a great visit. I spoiled myself with a Christmas gift of one of her great hand dyed wool pumpkin heads. Shoot, I should have shared a picture here - anyway he is perched up with my special Halloween collection that stays out all year long in my studio. He is wonderful! You can see pictures of her Halloween works, weavings, etc. on her blog.
Here is my sweet little Ansel.
 He is patiently waiting to help me decorate (Tee hee hee - devilish kitty thoughts)
Yeah right! He and his brother ( Iggy-below) are 6 months old now and nothing but trouble! They have knocked over our tree a couple of times, scaled up the trunk and used the ornaments like cat toys

This is Iggy - waiting below for his brother's signal from up on the ladder that mischief and mayhem is sure to come. My 1950's plastic silver stars hanging in a branch above the side table are just too much to resist. Smidge our 10yr old cat ( the star of some of my past posts) is napping somewhere in the house and couldn't be bothered with all their antics.
So yes, my beloved chalkware Santa collection, german glass birds, and other fragile antique ornaments will not see the light of day this year but I will still visit them all and cherish them tucked in there little boxes. Maybe I will clear a shelf in my large display cabinets and display them safely there behind glass!!!
I had forgot all that kittenhood entailed........
Well, Yuletide blessings to all
Stay Warm
Be Merry!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Palette...The Good Witch... New Listing.....

Hello and Happy November!
Blink - it's here
The leaves here in the mountains are beginning to dry and fade
Winter is at our door step.
I soak up these last glimpses of Fall color-
muted moss greens, tans, browns and golden hues. The flame of the vibrate red leaves are what really stop me in my tracks. The smell of wood smoke, Balsam, Evergreens, and Sycamore trees
 fill my head.
Love the details of her dress. Yes, it was hard to part with this gorgeous antique button and old domino.
The end of Fall brings the Good Witch - Miss Dottie
She is full of character and detail
and a celebration of some of my favorite colors.

She is available in my
Enjoy the season!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Friday! New Listing.... Frida the Tattooed Lady

Frida the Tattooed Lady
Full of Character and Circus Whimsy
Available in my
SOLD Thank You!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Listing!.............. Boo

Sweet ole Pumpkin Head Finley is sporting his winter scarf.
He is ready for the cold weather ahead!
available in my shop

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Listing! Hattie the Party Goblin Clown

Sweet n Silly Ole Hattie the Party Goblin
is available in my shop
follow the link
 Sold! Thank you
I will be listing some more Halloween Creations this week!
It's that Spooktacular time of year
that I love soooo much!
Tattered Moon

Friday, October 3, 2014

Hello October!

See you at Lake Norman Folk Art Festival!
One day only Sat. October 4th 10-4pm
in the woods - Sherrill's Grove, NC

Monday, September 22, 2014

Heads are Rolling in the Studio..................................

Thanks everyone for your kind words and purchases!
I am busy, busy, busy with more Halloween Creations.
 is just around the corner!
stay tuned.............

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Just Listed............. Vampress Grace - Pumpkin Head Queen of the Night

Vampress Grace is now available
 in my Etsy Shop.
She is full of whimsy and personality.
 I just love making my signature style
Snaggle teeth dolls!

Sold! Thank You

Monday, September 8, 2014

There is a new Sheriff in Town..........

Meet Jethro -
Yep, he's the new Sheriff in Town
He'll keep law and order
 in your Halloween Town
Yeee Haaaa!
now available and listed in my
here is the link:

Sold! Thank You
Thanks and Happy Monday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy September! Halloween Monster Listings in my Etsy Shop.............

 Halloween Monster #1
 Mr. Chester - he is very fond of Dorito chips!
listing link:
Halloween Monster Gal #2
Miss. Harriet Wilder
Wearing her Autumn colors and flying thru the forest to help out her Squirrel pals. She just flew back into my Etsy shop from the studio here.
listing link:

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Miss Beatrice HogBottom is now available in my Etsy Shop....................

Meet sweet ole Miss Beatrice HogBottom.
 She is just in from the garden with her autumn bouquet.
now available in my shop

Sold! Thank YOU
Autumn has arrived here in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina.
Pure Bliss!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thank You Slotin Folk Fest !..............................

What an amazing weekend 
at the
 21st annual
 Slotin Folk Fest
Atlanta, GA
Thank you to all that made it an incredible weekend for us!
Yep, these are my little "jug heads"
They had a blast at the show being inspired by all the art and socializing with wonderful people.
My hubby was along too(apparently camera shy) and was a big help! I couldn't do the shows without him.
I met so many wonderful artist, collectors and fair folk!
I was amazed and honored to be amongst so many talented and fabulous artist
 from all over the United States. 
I got to meet Louise Grenell in person at the show. She made the journey with her hubby to take in all the folk art. I have followed her blog and it was great to meet her in person. Check out her talents at
I also got to meet the super talented Carol Roll
 She is a sweetheart and I have admired her whimsical folk art sculptures on Etsy but to see the real thing in person did not disappoint! if you visit her link, you can see lots of great pictures from the show. Another artist with bigger than life amazing mixed media works is Andy Saczynski. His wife took some great pics at the show. You can check out more about the show highlights and this Florida artist at

Other amazing folks to check out:
-Marian Baker - Blockhead arts
-S.D. Meadows - Folk Art Gallery - ***** I'm nuts about his work! I bought an awesome fish at the show. I wanted to box him up and bring him home with me too. Sweetest man ever!!!
-Lucky Stradley - amazing fun pottery
-Cher Shaffer - outsider artist - visionary painter
-Debra Mager - Mosaic wonders -
-Betsy Kendrick - Whimsical Folk art -

ah! the list could go on and on...............................
I wish I had photos to share, but unfortunately I was so absorbed into it all that I forgot to snap pictures of the rows and rows of fabulous artists.
Well, stay tuned.....................
 kids go back to school on Monday and I will begin
 to list Halloween characters in my Etsy shop!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sneak Peek for Folk Fest..................

Just a sneak peek of some of my works
 I'll have in my booth at
 Slotin Folk Fest!
Folk Dolls
 Halloween Works
 Mixed Media dolls
We hit the road Thurs.
 - see you in Atlanta

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Working - What's on the table today..............................

Full of Whimsy and Sas! 
 Slotin Folk Fest
 is coming up

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcoming August........................

Yes, I am welcoming August as July comes to a close. I have been a busy bee making lots-n-lots of mermaids and other various characters but August brings the time for my all time favorites...................... Halloween! Yes, I am gearing up with bodies and pumpkin heads floating about the studio. Stay tuned for more updates.  Next stop - Slotin Folk Fest - Aug. 15-17th in Atlanta, Georgia. Woo Hooo

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Working on Mermaids for the Slotin Folk Fest

The Slotin Folk Fest is just around the corner!
Mermaids in the works

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Oh My!..................

Oh My! Oh My!
 It has been so warm here in our mountain town the past few days.
 Expected to be around 85 again today.
 What happened to spring? Let's not rush into summer please!!
 Sweet Petra looks just a surprised as I am.
 Us redheads don't fare well in the heat.
 Tee Hee
I just finished her and took her outside for a moment to spread her wings.
Enjoy the day!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Collage Works Inspired by Garden delights and Things of Olde

Taking a break from doll making and dabbling again in collage and mixed media. I finished this sweetie on Earth Day. My muse of old papers, my love for vintage shoes, and interest in Fraktur (Pennsylvania German Folk Art), all came together and delivered this.

A little paint, antique faux ivory carved beads, glass beads, fabric yo-yos, cloth petals
 and vintage papers.
All arranged on a stained canvas.
Adding just a little carefully prepared stain to it all helps give it a soft vintage look
  I love the color pallet and dimensional/ textured look.
 (that little rabbit Miss Willow I made is fond of it too)
Sweet springtime wished
 to all!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mixed Media Materials, Inspired by Bugs, and things that go Zoom........................

Today's table is a mess of rusty, dirty goodness!
Scrapes of tatted trims, old nails, wire, vintage papers and rusty found objects
all swirling together in my mind and hands
feverishly becoming little creatures of my imagination
Some with antenna - others with wings 
some even riding things thru the breeze.......................
Oh the magic is alive today!
Blessed Be

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air!
 The birds are busy and chatting away -
Our bunnies are skipping and hopping about in their little yard today.
The grass is turning green, Crocus and Tulips are popping up-
I'm painting in the studio today
Joy to all!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finshed...................... Miss Willow

 I'm finally getting around to posting pics of my finished rabbit - Miss Willow. She stands on an old wooden bobbin and it made from fabulous vintage wool fabric. I was inspired by my real pet rabbit named Alice featured in my previous post. It has been so difficult to get things done recently with all the snow. When the kids have a week at home with no school, it seems I can't get much of anything done. It's silly time, messes, fifty - million- questions and chaos! I am trying to get back into a routine again now- kids are back in school, snow has melted away, and hints of spring are beginning to show.
Happy Springtime thoughts to all.
Miss Willow is Sold. Thank You

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Blues...... WIP.........Inspired by Rabbits - Sweet Alice

Working hard at battling the winter blues.................. it seems like ever since I moved to the East Coast the winter month of January and February are tough ones. The buzz of the holidays is over and it just becomes the great wait for Spring. Bitter cold temps and bare trees (although beautiful in there own right) just leave me feeling empty. I have been trying to get working and focus on the seasons ahead, which brings me to my current WIP (work in progress) It kinda looks like a snow lady at this point but oh no! This little gal is going to be a sweet winter rabbit. 
 Rabbits you say! Oh My!!!! Where did that idea come from...... well, I have been smitten by my kids pet rabbits. I have never had rabbits before and I will say they can be rather a pain when it comes to chewing, digging and performing "Houdini Acts" of disappearances but oh Lordy! they are cute and sweet!!!! We have three now - Knuffle, Opal and Sweet Alice. Alice (pictured below) came into our life rather by accident back in October. We rescued her as she was running the streets of downtown and finally caught her in a Thai food restaurant parking lot. She was clearly someone's pet and very stressed and happy to come into a home with love, food and warmth. I am just so shocked that no one came forward at the SPCA or shelters in the area looking for her. No missing bunny signs either.
 She has proven to be the sweetest in the lot and full of personality. I truly adore her.
So yes, Alice (that surely fell down the rabbit hole from somewhere) is my inspiration for my winter rabbit doll. I will post pics when it is complete.
Meanwhile, stay warm and blessed
Tattered Moon
Opal (black) Knuffle (spotted) Alice (white)
enjoying some locally grown greenhouse Kale in there rabbit yard.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Odd Little Wall Bugs

Had fun making these fun and odd little buggie wall d├ęcor plaques.
More Mermaid dolls will be underway this next week.
Happy Friday!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Goodbye 2013 - Hello 2014!!! Health Report

Happy January!

Health Report 

Well, 2013 is done and what a year it has been! If you have followed my blog this last year, you'll know it has been a rough one. Last February I had to have my stomach completely removed due to a genetic cancer condition. I also had 12 outpatient follow up procedures to correct the esophageal stricture that developed at the new connection site at my small intestine. It has been a personal hell and a slow, depressing process of recovery. I am happy to report that my December procedure was very successful and has opened new doors for me with various food! Wooo Hooo! No more spitting up or food getting stuck!!! I have been able to eat pizza, lasagna, enchiladas, chips, etc. This is just amazing and heavenly news!!! My weight is now stabilizing ( down 55lbs from this time last year) and I don't have to live on liquids and squishiness anymore!!!!! Digestion is still rough, I never really know how things are going to process but it is getting better and better ever day. My small intestine is adjusting well to all the work of digestion it must perform. It is just amazing that I can live a normalish life without a stomach. I have to eat very small portions and graze all day /night to make my daily caloric goal but at least I have more variety of foods available to eat now. There is pain, cramping, and nausea  at times but hey - I will never die from stomach cancer! and digestion will get better in time!

On the creative front....

I have spent the day playing with some new ideas and materials here in my studio today (as seen above). I have been working with some wood, paper, and other various materials - just having some fun. I want to explore more this year and travel down some new roads. My outlook on life and things around me have changed and it has affected my work. I just hope in a good way. I pray 2014 holds good things for me in health and successful creative pursuits.
Happy 2014 to you!