Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspired by New Trinkets and Fall colors

This has been an emotional and challenging Summer for me. From a family wedding to a family death. From a healing memorial to a dear sister-in-law's fabulous 50th birthday. A traveling husband, reunited with a dear niece I haven't seen for years that has now become an amazing little lady instead of the little girl I held dear to my heart. I have seen pain and sorrow in my beloved brothers eyes that is so lost right now and trying to accept that I am powerless to the changes he must face to have a functioning life. Time and emotions have been stretched to a near breaking point for me. From tears of pain to tears of joy and laughter, I have chosen to just embraced it all and feed my spirit and grow. It all builds character and humbles me to peace. I must do my mental therapy - create !!!!!!!  I have seen cancer's ugly handy work ravage another family member and have so much anger. Cancer is evil.