Sunday, June 27, 2010

Up late working....................

Up late tonight working. I've got a new collection in the works. I've got bodies all over the place and now I need to focus and get into the fun stuff. Creating faces, hair-dos, and costume. First, I hear a blueberry bagel calling my name. I'm off for a midnight snack...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II - Blog Party & Studio Tour.......................

Before we get started, I really want to thank Karen Valentine @ My Desert Cottage for this awesome event! OK, the kids are asleep, hubby is in bed reading and the house is quiet - let's head to my little studio called Tattered Moon.
I live in an old 1874 farm house and after my two children were born, I gave up my large upstairs studio for a playroom and now share the downstairs large library room with my husband for work space. I won't be showing his half of the room but if your into old die cast cars and collections of Sci-fi books - email me and I'll send you pics! Ha Ha... Here is one of my bookshelves piled high with fabrics Atop sit some of my favorite Dark Dudes, Prom Ghouls and freaks. I still use the same machine I began my doll making from the early 1980's. I absolutely LOVE my machine and don't know what I would use if she went to machine heaven. I drive her like a Porsche and she just keeps chugging along. I have my Yoda mascot sitting on top -"use the force"
This doll has been in the works this last few weeks. I am waiting on some yummy ribbon I ordered for her bodice.
This bookshelf contains inspiring books and magazines like Where Women Create. I absolutely love this publication. I am so inspired by it and being a mother of two
(Eli 2 and Skye 4) it gives me hope and encouragement as I am getting back on the "creative horse" this past year and trying to grow my business again. I am finally feeling like I can breathe some creative air again with the kids becoming more independent. There are jars and boxes of buttons, scissors and tidbits. OK, yes I know - it is my dumping zone and no I didn't clean it up for the shoot. This is my space in the rough! My wall board is my fun spot. I'll post info about shows to check out, thank you notes from clients and artwork from my kids. on the corner of my main work table sits my "goodie box" I usually fill it with things that are grabbing my attention amongst all my treasures in my space. I can then focus and get inspired from the collection of textures and colors. I am starting to make some pin keeps and make-do's. What fun!
This guy is sitting on a chair with a pile of trim that overflows from my trim cabinet. It has sliding glass doors on it and the pictures were awful from the glare. Here is just a sneak peek of a few from the inside. This guy is trouble in the studio! Fredrico Diablo - his expression says it all! This is my favorite piece in my space. It is an old wardrobe that I snagged at a local auction for just $25 bucks. It is wonderful and full of charm. The drawers have some graffiti on them from children of past ownership like keep out, Rebecca's drawer, and the name Marvin.
On top sits a collection of old suitcases. They make wonderful storage boxes and are great display cases for my work at shows. On the front door of the wardrobe is "Torrence the tie guy" he watches after them all so my kids won't run off with them for dress up. I just love old ties! Photo boxes are a must in my space. I can organize and easily find items with these labeled boxes like buttons,old keys,threads,wire and feathers. Some more treasures, trinkets and dolls that are about.

Well, Thanks so much for stopping by my little studio and checking out my blog. Please visit my website for more on my work or send me an email. Happy studio hopping to you all!
These two have been looking over my back the whole time discussing what is going to happen when I try to publish all this at once. Here goes nothing! Cheers, Lurena Sheary Williamson.

Blog Party Studio Tour

Before we get started, I really want to thank Karen Valentine @ My Desert Cottage for this amazing event! Ok, the kids are asleep in bed and the house is finally quiet - sneek with me to my studio

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fabric Shop Stop....................

If you are ever passing thru the small Virginia town of Floyd, you may want to check this place out! It is an old three story schoolhouse that has been turned into a fabric shop. The fabric shop was established in 1971 and I think they may still have some merchandise from the opening! It is like stepping back in time. Very old school - but cool! They have a little bit of everything in there! I couldn't resist a scary fake fur that looks like it came off a Yak in Nepal - Whoa! I'm thinking funky monsters for Halloween. Hmmmm...............