Saturday, October 31, 2015


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Have a Spooktacular Halloween!
Enjoy the Spirit of this Eve

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Who is The Merriest of All..........................

 My dear Miss Smidge says, "That would be me!"
Happy Birthday to my little Halloween Queen.
 Smidge is 11 years old this month. 
She is celebrating with Hank - n- Henry
 the merry little pumpkin duo.
 They are available at the Art MOB here in town - more on that later.
Happy Fall!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Window Warmth...Fall.... Bliss

The garden is withering, the daylight is changing, leaves are morphing, and I'm mused by pumpkins.
My dear beloved cat Ansel and I soak up the sun's warmth at the kitchen table.
Fall is Bliss 
to me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ga Ga over Ghoultide.................

Yes! Completely ga ga over my Ghoultide experience!
What a treat! My sweet hubby says to me one day... "Use some of my frequent flyer miles and take yourself to visit the Ghoultide show. Go see what it is truly all about - you've talked about it for some time now. I will stay home with the kids. Go have some fun, explore, do your thing."
After I gathered my jaw up off the floor, let it bake in my brain a few days.
 I said YES! I'm going!!
I am sooooo glad I did!
What an amazing experience! The atmosphere, quality of works from awesome artists, and the feel/vibe in the air was simply magical!
I wanted to bottle it up and take it home to crack open in my studio.
I was so inspired
What a joy to just absorb the energy, take in all the amazing creations, and talk with many of the artist-some new to me and others I haven't seen or spoken to in years from other shows.
Thank you Ghoultide Gathering for a magical show!
Thank you Scott Smith, Bill Gilmore,and Ghoultide artists for all your hard work, talent and commitment to putting on a truly magical and quality show and sharing it with us (the public)!
and thanks sweet hubby for my much needed "Mommy getaway"
 Oh course I splurged and bought some great Halloween Folk art - I want to respect the artists and I wont be publishing pictures of my purchases -but yes - I squeal with delight over my new additions to my special collection!
If you are a big Halloween Folk Art Fan - This show is a MUST!
Thanks again all,
Tattered Moon