Thursday, April 24, 2014

Collage Works Inspired by Garden delights and Things of Olde

Taking a break from doll making and dabbling again in collage and mixed media. I finished this sweetie on Earth Day. My muse of old papers, my love for vintage shoes, and interest in Fraktur (Pennsylvania German Folk Art), all came together and delivered this.

A little paint, antique faux ivory carved beads, glass beads, fabric yo-yos, cloth petals
 and vintage papers.
All arranged on a stained canvas.
Adding just a little carefully prepared stain to it all helps give it a soft vintage look
  I love the color pallet and dimensional/ textured look.
 (that little rabbit Miss Willow I made is fond of it too)
Sweet springtime wished
 to all!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mixed Media Materials, Inspired by Bugs, and things that go Zoom........................

Today's table is a mess of rusty, dirty goodness!
Scrapes of tatted trims, old nails, wire, vintage papers and rusty found objects
all swirling together in my mind and hands
feverishly becoming little creatures of my imagination
Some with antenna - others with wings 
some even riding things thru the breeze.......................
Oh the magic is alive today!
Blessed Be