Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sundays Work Table...............

More of my signature style
 "snaggle tooth"
 folky fairies under way.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good News..... Mini Progress Report

Good News..... Just this last Tuesday I had my feeding tube removed from my abdomen! Wooo Hoooo It has been just about 6 months since my original surgery and 9 follow up procedures. I am finally progressing well. The big challenge for me now is getting in enough calories daily and stop losing weight. Life without a stomach is difficult and no walk in the park but it beats the alternative. Cancer is so evil.
The weather today was wonderfully cool and a tease for Fall that is around the corner. A little stroll around the garden surprised me with this big, beautiful Hibiscus bloom near the arbor. It is the size of a salad plate. I marvel at mother nature and God's handy work.
 I'm working on some fun Halloween stuff here in the studio that I will post about soon. My little ones are anxious for school to start - my youngest will start Kindergarten this year. Both in school all day ??- whatever will I do with myself! Heavenly silence and uninterrupted time in the studio???
 Oh my!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Halloween Works in Progress and Fabric Shopping Therapy...............

I was at Duke Hospital last week for another outpatient surgery and stopped at a fabric store for a little therapy. I found this great textured black fabric and it just screamed CAT to me soooo, here is the start of my "cat" doll. I haven't done any form of a cat doll in years so it will be very interesting to see what develops.
Fall is just around the corner and I am getting things going in the studio for Halloween whimsies! I will be doing a show in Norcross GA. this October ( more details later) I am so sad to report that I will not be doing the Country Living Show in Columbus this year. The massive surgery I had in February and all the follow up procedures and slow recovery has robbed me of my energy and abilities this year. I am getting stronger all the time and the doctors and I are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I am adjusting to life without a stomach better and better every day. It is such a long journey of recovery to find my "new normal" and lifestyle being stomach-less. I am a slave to eating and I hate it. I have to be nibbling on something every half hour and there is no guarantee it's gonna go down well. I will be getting my feeding tube out in two weeks!!! Very excited about that milestone. Thanks again everyone for all your love, support and encouragement.
Back to sewing!