Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fall Palette Wonderland!

Inspired by my new Fall palette of muted Pomegranate, "Yummy Yack Green", Burnt Umber, "Flippant Fuscia" and deep Plums. Ghouls and "Dark Dudes" are coming to life. My work table is a mess! My 3 year old loves to get into it too! She is learning to use scissors and I feel like I am living with Edward Scissor Hands. She is cutting up everything she can get her hands on. It looks like it snowed in our fabulous wonderland! Yippeee

Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden Geek!

Absolutely Gorgeous! The heirloom hollyhocks I planted called "Black Watchmen" have finally bloomed. They are really amazing and very inspiring for my current Halloween works. It appears that they are currently being ravaged by caterpillars. Errrr. This means war!

Yummy Detail!

Such a yummy color of velvety black!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Art+Fear = Struggle

Reading a great book this eve. Taking Flight by Kelly Rae Roberts. Oh yes, the struggles of Art and Fear! I relate! My inner voices are using me as a punching bag these days. It is really tough getting back on the creative horse after taking a break for a year or so while having my two kids. Finding the time and energy to create is a major struggle, not to mention the challenge of just being focused. My expectations are unrealistic I am told. My children are only three and one. I am hard on myself I know, I cannot "produce" like a use too. I shall chant - One day at a time and one dream at a time....................

Lady Pearl

Lady Pearl was a blast to make! I just love the old crazy quilt I snagged at an antique show. Even though it was in rough shape, I still had a hard time cutting it up. Oh the stories it could tell.................

Sir Edmund

Sassy Sir Edmund! He is a total snob and was nothing but trouble in the studio.