Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter Blues...... WIP.........Inspired by Rabbits - Sweet Alice

Working hard at battling the winter blues.................. it seems like ever since I moved to the East Coast the winter month of January and February are tough ones. The buzz of the holidays is over and it just becomes the great wait for Spring. Bitter cold temps and bare trees (although beautiful in there own right) just leave me feeling empty. I have been trying to get working and focus on the seasons ahead, which brings me to my current WIP (work in progress) It kinda looks like a snow lady at this point but oh no! This little gal is going to be a sweet winter rabbit. 
 Rabbits you say! Oh My!!!! Where did that idea come from...... well, I have been smitten by my kids pet rabbits. I have never had rabbits before and I will say they can be rather a pain when it comes to chewing, digging and performing "Houdini Acts" of disappearances but oh Lordy! they are cute and sweet!!!! We have three now - Knuffle, Opal and Sweet Alice. Alice (pictured below) came into our life rather by accident back in October. We rescued her as she was running the streets of downtown and finally caught her in a Thai food restaurant parking lot. She was clearly someone's pet and very stressed and happy to come into a home with love, food and warmth. I am just so shocked that no one came forward at the SPCA or shelters in the area looking for her. No missing bunny signs either.
 She has proven to be the sweetest in the lot and full of personality. I truly adore her.
So yes, Alice (that surely fell down the rabbit hole from somewhere) is my inspiration for my winter rabbit doll. I will post pics when it is complete.
Meanwhile, stay warm and blessed
Tattered Moon
Opal (black) Knuffle (spotted) Alice (white)
enjoying some locally grown greenhouse Kale in there rabbit yard.

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  1. Oh I love all the bunnies! When my hubby goes to his friends shop, they have a shop bunny named Scuppers. He just wandered in one day and stayed. :) Kit


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