Friday, January 17, 2014

Odd Little Wall Bugs

Had fun making these fun and odd little buggie wall d├ęcor plaques.
More Mermaid dolls will be underway this next week.
Happy Friday!


Friday, January 10, 2014

Goodbye 2013 - Hello 2014!!! Health Report

Happy January!

Health Report 

Well, 2013 is done and what a year it has been! If you have followed my blog this last year, you'll know it has been a rough one. Last February I had to have my stomach completely removed due to a genetic cancer condition. I also had 12 outpatient follow up procedures to correct the esophageal stricture that developed at the new connection site at my small intestine. It has been a personal hell and a slow, depressing process of recovery. I am happy to report that my December procedure was very successful and has opened new doors for me with various food! Wooo Hooo! No more spitting up or food getting stuck!!! I have been able to eat pizza, lasagna, enchiladas, chips, etc. This is just amazing and heavenly news!!! My weight is now stabilizing ( down 55lbs from this time last year) and I don't have to live on liquids and squishiness anymore!!!!! Digestion is still rough, I never really know how things are going to process but it is getting better and better ever day. My small intestine is adjusting well to all the work of digestion it must perform. It is just amazing that I can live a normalish life without a stomach. I have to eat very small portions and graze all day /night to make my daily caloric goal but at least I have more variety of foods available to eat now. There is pain, cramping, and nausea  at times but hey - I will never die from stomach cancer! and digestion will get better in time!

On the creative front....

I have spent the day playing with some new ideas and materials here in my studio today (as seen above). I have been working with some wood, paper, and other various materials - just having some fun. I want to explore more this year and travel down some new roads. My outlook on life and things around me have changed and it has affected my work. I just hope in a good way. I pray 2014 holds good things for me in health and successful creative pursuits.
Happy 2014 to you!