Monday, July 19, 2010

Great News..... Outsider's Art Gallery in Durham, North Carolina

Hello, I am excited to report that my work is now available at the Outsider's Art Gallery in Durham, North Carolina! It is a fun, hip gallery, and a "must visit" while in Durham. This little gallery is full of incredible Outsider and Folk Art from all over the country. Here is a sneak peek of what the gallery has to offer.

For information on the gallery and to see what is available go to . Some of my work including dark angels, ghouls and dolls will be on display and available for purchase -so go check it out. Here are a few shots of my dolls at the Outsider's Gallery.

Miss Letti the Prom Ghoul is already sold.

Mr. Stubbins

Miss Witchie Poo

Liza Dane

Miss Higby
Please contact the gallery for these available works. Thanks!