Thursday, July 21, 2011

All Hail the Queen.............

Well, I just finished drawing the face on this doll and she screamed "I am the Queen!" Well, she does look a bit Regal and in charge. I shall honor yee Majesties requests for a gown.
She first rummaged through my vintage rhinestone jewelry and found herself a crown. She then demands her frocks be made from fine silk, linen, lace and vintage ruching. Yikes, she is very fussy. I (being her humble servant) will try to satisfy her request but not without adding a little grunge too! Heee Heee Heeee

Yep, like I said before Glitter and Grunge - the perfect combo.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create lll Party/Studio Tour 2011

Before I start this humble little tour, I want to thank Karen Valentine at My Desert Cottage for organizing another fabulous year of Where Bloggers Create studio tours. Now, sneak on down stairs with me and take a super quick sneak peek into my little messy world of "Tattered Moon."

I live in an 1874 Farmhouse that we have been working on for the last 7 years. Here is where I create one-of-a-kind original dolls in the wee hours of the night. My studio space is still a construction zone. So that is the excuse for this mess I'm about to share with you right??? Ha, not so. The truth is, I am crazy busy working away for the upcoming Country Living Fair in Ohio. I am very excited to be at the show this coming September - for details visit and come see me. Sooooo on to the mess! Here we go!

This is one of my main tables that I work at. This is where I do most of my designing, hand stitching and detail work. It is always loaded with projects I'm working on and littered with materials I am inspired by and incorporate into my dolls.

This is the other end of the table with my recently acquired stash of old laces and linens. I am currently working on a group of shabby chic /primitive style angels.

This is my studio pal Ethel. Hey, what can I say - when you work late into the night and everyone else is in bed, I need someone to talk too right?

This is a picture of one of my doll's dresses under construction and a detail pic of a shoe buckles being hand stitched into place.
Some almost finished ladies waiting eagerly for their hats.

I just love 17th - 18th century fashion. I am obsessed with detail and hats.

Fabric. Fabric. Fabric. I am a fabric Junkie and have no shame! This is a couple of shots of my many stacks.

I love old suitcases. They are great to use for storage and also work well for transporting and showing my dolls at shows. They are sure hard to find these days. I remember when no one wanted them and you could get them for 5 bucks at the antique markets.

Organization is something I am really trying to get better at. These simple storage boxes with labels work magic in my space.

Watch out for "Hypno Pumpkin Fairy" He has been known to hypnotize visitors and play nasty little tricks and hide buttons. One of many mischief makers in the studio.

The little brown jewelry box is full of old findings. When you open the drawers it plays the theme from the Godfather! Lol!! Love it.

My inspiration and reminder board.

This is my one of my beloved machines! I have been sewing on this Pfaff machine since the 80's. It is my rock.

I love doing Halloween themed dolls. Here are a few of my "Spooks, Ghouls, and Dark Dudes" waiting for their party outfits.

Well, that's it! Just a short sneak peek into my creative little world! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy all the fabulous work spaces in the Where Blogger's Create tour!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pumpkins in July??? Oh my.........

Yep! Pumpkins in July. These are a few of my works in progress for the Country Living Show in Ohio. The show is in September - I'm trying to envision that wonderful Fall weather and feel in the air. This current 90 degrees with humidity is not so inspiring for pumpkins and such. Yuck!