Friday, October 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th! Some new listings in my shop are happening today .....................

Tall Harvest Witch Hazel with her little friend Skelli Witch Sadie 
These 3 wonderful witches and a silly party zombie are keeping me company in the kitchen today. They are awaiting their adoption listings for new homes!
starting today.
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Dark Witch Helga
Link to my SHOP!
Update: SOLD
Skelli Witch Sadie
just listed:

 I will begin listings today.
Update: SOLD
Party Zombie Patrick
just listed!
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Tattered Moon

Happy Spooky Friday!
Tattered Moon


  1. awesome dolls! I see the witch has sold.

  2. The 3 witches are still available, but yes - the zombie has sold. The weather is not cooperating with photo taking. Sadie is listed now - working on listing the other two today. Happy Fall!!

  3. Oh your work is so lovely! I hope you sell all your creations. Happy Halloween! :) Kit

  4. Such incredible work you do! I am sure you will sell all of your dolls. :) Kit


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