Thursday, October 15, 2015

Who is The Merriest of All..........................

 My dear Miss Smidge says, "That would be me!"
Happy Birthday to my little Halloween Queen.
 Smidge is 11 years old this month. 
She is celebrating with Hank - n- Henry
 the merry little pumpkin duo.
 They are available at the Art MOB here in town - more on that later.
Happy Fall!


  1. Good to have Miss Smidge in the workroom overseeing things!

  2. I have two wonderful fur-babies too! Love my kit-tays! Happy birthday to beautiful Smidge!

  3. Happy birthday Miss Smidge!

    Hank and Henry are delightful Lurena!

  4. Happy Birthday you Gorgeous Kitty! I have a Russian Blue who is going on 16. I just love cats of all kinds. Happy Halloween! Kit


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