Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Listing in my Etsy Shop Today... Little Sprout

Tattered Moon

Little Sprout is available for adoption
in my 
follow this link:
Sold! Thank You


  1. Hey, How are you? You were my neighbor at Country LIving Fair one year, are you coming back? Good to see your creations here,they are such fun!

  2. Hi Jeri!
    Sorry for the late response. Still figuring out this Blogger stuff. I hope you had a great time at the Country Living Fair! I miss that show, but I don't see myself returning to the OH show. I live in NC now and with the kiddos n stuff - it's just a bit much. I am still considering Atlanta though..... I plan to visit the show again this year. It is so great to hear from you - I follow and just LOVE your blog!!!! Happy Fall to you, your hubby and all your feathered and furry friends!


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