Monday, October 7, 2013

Norcross Art Fest, GA

gorgeous fountain we were near at the Norcross Art Fest

Fabulous weekend at the Norcross Art Fest. Wonderful to meet lots of new customers and see people fall in love with a doll even if they are not " doll people."
 I loved when one lady called my dolls infectious little characters(as she giggled).
 It is so much fun to watch peoples reactions to my work. Even if they don't like it or don't get it - I'm OK with it. I grow from it all.
It was sweltering HOT in the Atlanta area over the weekend and I think it put a "kibosh" on the Fall/Halloween spirit. Soooo I came home with a few of my Halloween works that I will be listing in my Etsy shop this week. Stay Tuned.....

It is just amazing to be back doing what I love after such a horrific year of surgery, pain, hospitals etc. I still have many challenges like eating, nutrition and keeping weight on, but it is starting to feel more manageable now. I feel so blessed to be here. Not only on this planet but right
here -today- present in my life and full of joy. There was a time - not so long ago- that I didn't feel like I would or could ever get to this peace. One of my favorite memories from the weekend was watching my kids sleep in the hotel. I mean really just lay there and watch there angelic faces so at peace and still I see the newborn in them. They are 5 and 7 now-oh how time flies. They fully enjoyed the Norcross show too. Fabulous parks with awesome playgrounds and fountains. And of coarse, let's not forget my rock! my husband David. I'm speechless at times when it comes to him. Always there supporting my creative craziness. I really couldn't do it without him- my right hand man, partner in crime, best friend, supporter and my constant. Yes, I am fighting back tears right now. Oh - I'm a lucky lady.
 Well, I am off to clean my studio before I gear up again for more creations.
 Blessings and thanks to all.
Tattered Moon

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  1. I am so happy you had such a good time! You are something else. So strong and talented. You will be on this earth for many more years, creating and raising your babies. Enjoy this Fall. Enjoy this life! Kit


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