Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good News..... Mini Progress Report

Good News..... Just this last Tuesday I had my feeding tube removed from my abdomen! Wooo Hoooo It has been just about 6 months since my original surgery and 9 follow up procedures. I am finally progressing well. The big challenge for me now is getting in enough calories daily and stop losing weight. Life without a stomach is difficult and no walk in the park but it beats the alternative. Cancer is so evil.
The weather today was wonderfully cool and a tease for Fall that is around the corner. A little stroll around the garden surprised me with this big, beautiful Hibiscus bloom near the arbor. It is the size of a salad plate. I marvel at mother nature and God's handy work.
 I'm working on some fun Halloween stuff here in the studio that I will post about soon. My little ones are anxious for school to start - my youngest will start Kindergarten this year. Both in school all day ??- whatever will I do with myself! Heavenly silence and uninterrupted time in the studio???
 Oh my!

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  1. Great news! Hope you continue to improve each and every day. You are so brave to have gone thru everything you have! I am sure you will find plenty of neat things to do while the kiddies are in school!


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