Thursday, January 3, 2013

Taking Flight in 2013

Taking flight in 2013.
Well, I have a lot ahead of me in this New Year. I will be on a journey I never saw coming. It is a journey of many ups and downs and an unclear path at that. Emotions are on high and creativity at this point is feeling low. I just keep putting the next foot forward and keeping the faith that all will be well. Maybe in due time I will feel comfortable enough to express and share more but for now I feel raw and terror.
My New Years Resolution is to be a survivor and not a statistic.

Well wishes and health to all in this New Year!


  1. One day at a time and one step forward. Have faith that all is going to be well. My prayers and well wishes are headed your way.

  2. Hey, I am thinking about you. This sounds serious and scary. We're here for you. It will be okay. Kit

  3. i know you can do it...whatever it is, and it sounds scary to me. you're in my thoughts.

  4. Lurena,
    My prayers are with you. They will be heard even though I don't know specifics, because they are heartfelt for total healing. Please let us know when you can what your needs are. I truly love you and want to help.

  5. Whatever you are facing know that the folks inside Eleanor's Door are thinking about you and yours.


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