Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is on the table tonight??

And you thought it was food!!! Ha
 I have been so eager to make something with this new fabric I picked up on my last trip to North Carolina. It is gorgeous and luxurious in it's feel and color palette. So a jacket it is for this chap!
Ta Da! Now for the fitting. I can't wait to get to the hat!!!! Oh, you know that is my favorite part! I am all about coats, jackets and hats!
The antique button on the top of his vest has the initials G.B. - I will need to think on this ole chaps name. Maybe Sir Gerald Barnabis ?? or Geoffery Buckhorn.  So silly - stay tuned...............


  1. wonderful!! can't wait to see him finished! my fave part is the hat, too....

  2. I have followed your blog for quite some time now and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your work. So creative and fun!

  3. What a great touch that green ruffle is. Love it! Kit


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