Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hear Ye, Hear Ye..... My Article and Work is in PRIMS!

PRIMS FALL 2011 is Here!

I am so excited and blessed to be a part of this wonderful Stampington publication again!

My Article and crazy creations!

So run on down to your local bookstore and pick one up or you can order direct from Stampington & Company at . This magazine if FULL of wonderful and amazing holiday creations from many, many talented artists. The article "A View from the Dollhouse" by Nicol Sayre is one you don't want to miss either. Enjoy this great publication and happy creating to all!!!!!


  1. So excited for you ! Your creations are such a delight...they always bring a SMILE. Congratulations

  2. How cool, I'd like to get hold of a copy over here if I can as shipping and customs makes it rather expensive. I wonder if they have a list of UK stockists? :o)

  3. i saw that today in the store, but didn't have time to look through it.. :{ will have to go back next week and pick it up!! it's one of my fave magazines. congrats!!!


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