Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finally Catching my Breath After the Country Living Fair

Wow!!!!! I am still exhausted from the Country Living Show last weekend in Columbus, Ohio. It was an amazing and successful show!!!! Thanks to all of you that visited my booth and showered me with wonderful compliments and a very special thank you to all that adopted my crazy creations. The show was a non-stop whirlwind of business!!!!! I barely had time to take any pictures, so pardon the lousy shots.
Yes, I am very camera shy but here I am (the tall redhead) with my awesome sister-in-law Sarah. I could not have done it without her! She is amazing. She was my anchor in times of all crazy thinking and stress ( about 98% of the show- tee hee) My other anchor was my beloved hubby that was on serious "daddy duty" for the last week. He did a great job keeping our little ones out of my hair and the muscle man behind my booth design/set up.

It was a cold and wet Friday morning but the weekend just got better and better from there. I learned many lessons in regards to booth set up. Lots of re-working for next time. Well, I am back to do what I love to do most - CREATE!!!!!! I have yet more new works underway and will be loading some works to my Etsy site soon. I have more exciting news to post later too- think Prims magazine Fall issue (hint, hint)! Cheers - Lurena


  1. my dear, sweet Lurena!
    I would have given anything to come & see you at the show!!!!
    I want to revisit ohio next year SO bad, that I'm thinking of re-scheduling my show here so I can make it to the Country Living Fair...tell me you will be there again?????

    your booth looks wonderful...your work is amazing & I just know you are on a path that leads to awesome things!
    please tell your sweet momma I said 'hi!'

    wishing you everything good & right,
    Blessed be!

  2. Your booth looks amazing, I love the doors and shutters. You sure put a lot of effort into how it looks :o)

  3. Oh! It looks great! Your space looks wonderful :)I have always wanted to go, one day :)


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