Saturday, January 15, 2011

WIP for this eve........

I am working away tonight and I've got the fireplace cranking in my little studio. I am so tired of the cold. I always get a case of the winter blues in January, February and most of March. I miss true bright sunshine and the warmth. My spirit really struggles to create and be productive. I just want to hibernate. Anyway, enough booo hoooing! I just finished drawing this little gals face. I think I will call her Olivia. She is crying out for a fashionable hat and a vintage style frock. We'll see what unfolds. I just delivered a group of dolls to a fun shop in Strasburg, Virginia. I'll share more on that later when I can get some great pics to share. I want to bring home all there furnishings!!


  1. Hi Lurena! Just discovered your blog by hopping around. I LOVE your dolls!

  2. Very pretty..... looking forward to the photos!


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